Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents, & Couples

Watercolor Painting


Improve self expression

The creative process can be used in therapy as an intuitive method to provide new insights through metaphor. This might include art for personal expression, lyric analysis, movement, or role-play. Research has shown that arts in therapy access a part of our brain that is not accessible purely by language. Art in therapy encourages mindfulness and by utilizing personal resources for healing. No prior art experience with the arts is necessary.


Compassion, Resilience, and Empowerment.

Each individual has their own set of experiences that can effect the way we see the world. When these go unprocessed, it can make us feel stuck. I provide a validating environment to be heard and understood. By exploring safely and reframing with internal family systems, DBT, and CPT, clients are able to address internal narratives after traumatic events.

Grass and Flowers
Buddha Statue


Mind, Body, Spirit.

Anna offers an integrative approach, addressing the whole person. She is inspired by buddhist psychotherapy and somatic interventions. By enhancing our self-care and wellness practices, as well as our ability to sit with challenging emotions with compassion, we improve our relationship with ourselves and restore a sense of balance.


Couples Therapy

Esther Perel states, "the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives". I support couples to address patterns of communication and vulnerability for intimacy. Couples therapy is a space to feel heard, seen, and understood as well as identify ways to improve the relationship moving forward.

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