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Helping New Yorkers reduce anxiety and improve relationships


Hi, I'm Anna

I’m a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in Brooklyn. I love helping the folks I work with to reconnect to what excites them in their lives. I use a mindfulness based approach to help people stay in the present moment. Together, we will bring attention to the body to make space for what you’re feeling. I will support you to feel confident expressing yourself clearly with others. Together, we'll create a compassionate space for self-reflection and empowerment.


"Mental health is the importance of connection to ourselves and others."



Dating & Couples

We will develop clarity around what you’re looking for as well as notice any patterns in relationships. I will support you in using direct communication to clarify needs and improve intimacy in the partnership.

Self Esteem

If you are feeling held back by negative thought patterns, we will discuss where those beliefs might come from, reflect on your strengths, and cultivate inner self trust.


Anxiety and perfectionism are often linked, showing that you care about what you do. However, this can turn into unrealistic expectations for yourself. We can explore ways to reprioritize.

Career Support

Maybe you’re feeling burnt out, or are wanting to improve your work-life balance. We will be curious about your goals in a supportive space to see where you would like to move from here.


26 Court St. Suite 2402 Brooklyn, NY 11242